Sunday, January 29, 2012

felt rose wreath tutorial

Do you need a great Valentine’s Day wreath? But don’t want to spend a lot of money? Then this tutorial is for you! You only need to spend about $5 on this project and it will look like you have spent much more! A little warning: it is a little time consuming; however, it will be worth it! Ready? Here we go….
{what you need}
Pluming insulation tube {$1.28 at Home Depot}
Plastic bags {recycled}
Tape: masking tape or packaging tape
1 yard red felt {$4.99/yd with 40% off coupon = about $3 from Hancock Fabrics}
Glue: hot glue or craft glue
Fabric scraps
{what you do}
First thing you need to do cut your pluming insulation tube to your desired size. It comes 6 ft in length which would make a very large wreath. I cut off about 4 ft for this wreath.
This next step is VERY IMPORTANT!! You MUST stuff the tube with plastic bags otherwise your wreath will not maintain a circular shape! Why plastic bags? Well, I have a TON of them and they needed to be used for something, and they are soft and still let the tube to be flexible, and it was free!

I used a long dowel to really stuff them in there. Once the tube is stuffed connect the ends to make a circle and secure using tape.

This next step is optional
Wrap the wreath in fabric scraps. I used leftover white fabric that I had. You can use red too or a coordinating fabric. You won’t see the fabric when you hang up your wreath. I did it to make the back of the wreath look more complete/finished because I did not cover the whole wreath in flowers.
 Sorry, no pictures of just the fabric wrapped wreath.
View of back of finished wreath...

Now let’s make some flowers!
Using the felt, cut circles as shown… 4-5in in diameter. I made some large, medium, and small ones.

Then cut the circle into a spiral…

Starting from the outside of the spiral, roll the felt…

I like to fold over the felt in sections to create more dimensions…

Keep rolling…


Use hot glue or craft glue on the bottom of the rose…

Secure the end of the spiral to the bottom of the flower…


Now make about 200 more of them! :-D
This takes a while. I cut a bunch of spirals first and then glued them. All while watching TV/movies :)
Once the flowers are all made start gluing them onto your wreath, in no particular pattern/order. I used craft glue because I didn’t want to deal with all of those hot glue strings.

I did not put flowers on the back of the wreath. This way it takes less flowers {and time!} and the wreath lies flat when it is hung up.

To make a hanger I used an upholstery or yarn needle to sew a loop of yarn on the back, making sure you go thru the pluming insulation tube. Tie and secured with some hot glue.

A Command hook on the door and your wreath is ready to be hung!  
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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