Monday, April 21, 2014

i'm back!

Well hello there!

It has been a while, a long while. I stopped blogging over a year ago. It was not intentional to stop blogging but life got busy and exhausting and it was put on the back burner. Here is a short little story ....

 My last post was about about 17 months, and a lot has happened in those 17 months!

In November of 2012 I started a little project. My husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child. And I jumped right into this crochet blanket for the little one. Choosing gender neutral colors because we wanted to wait until the birth date to find out. (More about the blanket later.) Then life got busy preparing for the newest member of our family to arrive. Doctors appointments. Teaching. Searching and searching for a house we wanted to buy and move in before the due date in July 2013. And everything became a little exhausting and I didn't have the time or energy to blog. I did manage to make a few projects during that time though :). By this time the blanket I was working on was only about a 12 inches, just working on it here and there.

In April 2013 we finally found a house! We signed the papers and got the keys on the 12th. After painting and putting in new floors and other minor repairs (as me as a supervisor:)) we were going to move the last of our stuff into the new place before the first of May since our lease on our apartment was up.

On April 26th my husband and I went in for a routine doctors appointment. They determined that I was at risk for early labor and ordered me to bed rest in the hospital that day. So as I lay in bed family and friends packed up our things and hauled them over to our new place. So grateful for them!

Since I was bound to my hospital room I had plenty of time to finish that blanket! And I got about three quarters way done and then ran our of yarn! The yarn had to be ordered because the store was out. While waiting for the yarn to arrive I was sent home to spend the rest of my pregnancy at home. Well, seven days later our little boy B joined the world seven weeks early. He had to spend 3 weeks in the hospital and is now a perfectly healthy growing boy!

After adjusting to our new life I finally finished the blanket!

Whew! That took longer to say than expected! Thanks for sticking around! Now for some pics....

The pattern is a simple wave. Increasing stitches at the "peak" and decreasing stitches at the "valleys."

The yarn is I Love that Yarn and was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Colors used:  Peacock

After finishing the blanket, I made a plan to start blogging again, taking better pictures by learning how to use my camera, sew more, and learn new crafts along with a few other things. So, thanks for reading! I'm excited about what the future brings! :)

And the boy.... almost one year old!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

chapstick holder keychain

Always loosing your chapstick? Time to make a chapstick holder keychain!! Keep your chapstick on your key ring and you will always have some handy... unless you loose your keys ;).

The dimentions used are for a regular size chapstick tube.
What you need:
- two 7x2 pieces of fabric {look through your scrap pile!}
- one 7x2 piece of lightweight iron on interfacing
- one grommet
- basic sewing supplies

Iron on the interfacing to one of the 7x2 pieces of fabric.

With right sides together, sew around all four edges leaving a gap for turning. Use the edge of your sewing foot as a guide for the seam allowance. {it is about 7/16th of an inch}

Clip corners.

Turn, press, and top stitch one of the short ends.

Fold the top stitched end up 2.5 inches and pin like so...

Starting at the bottom, top stitch up one side, across the top and down the other side. Stay close to the edge but make sure that you are sewing through all the layers...

See stiched sides here....

Check to make sure your chapstick fits and make adjustments if nessesary.

At the top, mark where to put the grommet, cut the hole and attach the grommet.

I put a little super glue {or you can use fray check} around the cut edges of the hole to prevent fraying and wear and tear. I use super glue because it is cheaper and you can get two small bottles of it for a dollar at the dollar store!

Attach a key ring.

All finished!

Easy, little project! These would be great gifts and stocking stuffers for friends and family!

Have fun!


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

tiered plate stand

Here is a project that I completed this past summer. Rummaging at Goodwill I came across some plates and candle holders to make a tiered plate stand.

The supplies for this project were very inexpensive. The plates and the candle holders were less than a dollar a piece.

I used a two part epoxy to bond the pieces together.

I chose three different dish sizes. The largest one is a shallow bowl. They all have a scalloped edge. One silver details and one gold.It was fun to go through the plates at Goodwill. I saw a lot of fun designs but I chose simple, white designs to make it more versaltile.

The candle holders were brass. A tall one for the bottom and a shorter one for the top.

{excuse my unfinished project in the background :)}

I used the epoxy to bond the candle holders to the large and medium dishes first. I allowed them to dry.

Glued the the rest together...

Use for treats...

jewelry organizer...

tea? :-D

It is currently in my sewing room to hold and organize thread, buttons, etc.

Keep an eye out for fun plates at thrift stores, rummage sales, or even your own old plates to make your own!

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