Monday, April 20, 2015

bag of the month club - march bag

I joined the bag of the month club because I like to make bags. And $35 for 6 bag patterns is a steal. It is the fourth month and I have only made one of the bags :-/ ... Anna from Noodlehead is the designer of the Campfire Messenger Bag. I actually made it before it came out (March) to test the pattern for her. I love it though!! It still needs snaps. And I need to get that done asap in order to use it this summer. I think it is the perfect size, not too big and not too small. And it has an over the shoulder strap which is a MUST for me for an everyday purse!

Details about the Bag of the Month Club here. It is not too late to join!

grey - Robert Kaufman Essex yarn dyed linen blend in steel
green - Kona Cotton Solid in grasshopper (i think!)
yellow - Cotton and Steel Basics in dandelion
inside lining white with black polka dots - Hobby Lobby


Antique Brass Donut Pull Metal Zipper 7 Inch White - zipit 

craft store

Monday, March 30, 2015

toddler backpack

I loooove to make bags. And I love anything miniature. And I love this mini toddler backpack! The pattern is Made by Rae and can be found here. It is a quick sew, completed in an afternoon, including cutting and interfacing.

fabrics ::
main orange - Robert Kaufman Remix Plus in tangerine 
turquoise side panels - sun print by Alison Glass, Andover fabrics
blue straps - Waterfront Park, Domino in navy, Michael Miller fabric
lining - Robert Kaufman, Essex yarn dyed in steel

interfacing ::
one layer of Pellon SF101
one layer of Pellon fusible fleece

zipper - long pull zipper in parrot blue from zip it

Thursday, March 12, 2015

pi day

So in my effort to start to have a more handmade wardrobe for B and me, pi day of the century inspired me to make a couple of things for B. It is more of a little to no sew project but it was just the thing to get me motivated! 

pi day is March 14 (3.14) and this year it is pi day of the century, March 14, 2015 (3.1415). And at 9:26 to be exact (3.1415926).

I made a quick and simple t shirt and a belt for B to wear for the occasion. The t shirt is a no sew since I just bought a $2 shirt to decorate and the belt just needed 2 quick stitches. 

For the t shirt, I used the negative space from number stickers and some fabric paint. Using the stickers makes a fast and cheap stencil. 

1. wash t shirt
2. plan your design, use a ruler to make words/numbers straight
3. cut around stickers and place the "negative" space of the stickers on the t shirt

4. use tape to block out spaces in between stickers to protect the t shirt from getting paint where you don't want it.
5. using a sponge brush, dab fabric paint onto the t shirt ... use an up and down dabbing motion, not a back and forth swiping motion to prevent paint getting underneath the stickers/stencil. this will also prevent visible brush strokes.
6. let the paint dry and peal off the stickers. iron over design to set the fabric paint.
7. wear!

I started the number on the front of the t shirt and then wrapped it around the back...

t shirt - Hobby Lobby (see similar here). size 2t. (this size seems to run small)
stickers - Michael's and Hobby Lobby

For the belt, I didn't take any pictures of the process. It is just a simple cotton webbing belt made by threading 2 d-rings on one end and sew in place using a zigzag stitch and fold the other end back a half inch and sew in place, again, with a zigzag stitch, to have a nice finished end. 

For the numbers, I just wrote on the cotton webbing with Sharpie. That is it!

1. 1 inch cotton webbing - Hobby Lobby or any fabric store
2. 2, 1 inch d-rings - Hobby Lobby or any fabric store

see  ya! i'm going to get myself some pie!

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